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Changing your eating habits is great but you cannot eat too  Cinderella Solution large amounts of meals simply because it defeats the purpose. Lower your portions of meals in half. You'll want to chew each bite much slower than you typically do. You may discover the slower you chew, the less food you may will need to become complete. One more item you'll want to believe about is your snacking habits. In case you are a snacker, it is okay but you should cut down. Be sure your snacks are wholesome like an apple or cheese and crackers but your snack sizes are not the size of a meal. 

You must also end any snacking right after your dinner. No a lot more midnight snacks. If you rely on traditional monotonous cardio for burning fat, you probably spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on a piece of equipment trying to burn a specific amount of calories. Does it work for you? Will burning 500 calories each day result in 1 pound lost each week you exercise? If you asked science then yes it would since 7 days mulitplied by 500 calories equals 3500 calories which is the magic number to lose 1 pound. 

I'm guessing if that really worked out then you would have stopped reading at the beginning. Several years ago I wrote for a men's fitness magazine about the myths of fat loss and exposing the truth. Here's an example of a myth:To lose belly fat I need to workout till I burn at least 500 calories each session. Here's the truth: One of the single worst inventions in the fitness realm ever made was and is the calorie counter on your everyday treadmill's and cardio machines just like I covered in a previous article.