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I do not want to scare you away from financial success,  7 Day Prayer Miracle   I do not want to breed a fear of money or wealth, I am simply pointing out the need for balance, the need to accept that no matter how much we gain (or disdain) financially, it is all useless if we are not successful emotionally. In the end, emotions are all we have when we are alone, and we are bound to be alone at some point, so rather than turning to pills, drugs or alcohol as a crutch, turn to yourself, start to appreciate the work you have to do and begin to see that a solid emotional foundation built on the truth, on honesty and on integrity is all you really need. 

Make sure that any deal you do is beneficial to all parties involved, do not deal with unfairness or exploitation; in this way you will find balance, both emotionally and financially.So, I encourage you to work on you, to work out who you are before embarking on what you want, to find comfort with yourself and to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, to work on each of them, to succeed in conquering the inner demons we all have to contend with, to accept that we are a constant work in progress and to realize that we must find comfort in being alone before we surround ourselves with objects that cause only vacuous occupation. 

If you are wealthy already, I encourage you to step back, to be objective, to look inside and to spend time working on balancing out your life; if you are not financially stable, I encourage you to work on that aspect of your life and create balance in that way, discard the fear of poverty, create success in all areas.