Speeding up sync for your DigiByte Core Wallet

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Here’s a quick guide on how to add additional nodes / connections to the DigiByte network, in a bid to help speed up your blockchain download.

Alternatively you can download the Bootstrap zip file (9,2GB 11Aug2019) for DigiByte then follow the instructions below;
1) Install the core wallet but don't launch it.
2) Copy the zip file to the related folder below; (Show hidden files and create folders if needed)
     Windows: Users\~\Appdata\Roaming\DigiByte\
     macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/DigiByte/
     Linux: ~/.digibyte/
3) Create backup of your wallet.dat file. (If exist)
4) Delete all files except wallet.dat and zip file.
5) Unzip the zip file directly into the folder. (blocks folder must be in the DigiByte folder)
6) Delete the zip file and launch your core wallet.

Opening your DigiByte Core Wallet for the first time, you’ll be greeted by a screen telling you it needs to sync around 5 years' worth of transactions. That in itself isn’t too bad, as of July 2019 it’s around 13GB. What you want is to be connected to as many peers (nodes) as possible, in order to get it to download as fast as possible.

Open a text editor and save the following content as "digibyte.conf" file then put it into your block directory.
“In this instance you must include the speech marks, otherwise it will save it as digibyte.conf.txt which you don’t want!”


Default block directories for operating systems;

Windows: C:\Users\UserName\Appdata\Roaming\DigiByte\digibyte.conf
macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/DigiByte/digibyte.conf
Linux: ~/.digibyte/digibyte.conf

Then, just leave the DigiByte Core Wallet open and downloading the Blockchain, come back later, and you’ll be ready to go! It usually takes 3 to 8 hours according to your hardware and network conditions.

You can also open the port 12024 on your router and forward it to your node for accepting incoming connections.