On-chain scaling

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Transaction speeds will reach 280,000+ transactions per second by 2035 when all blocks are mined.

The blockchain is stored on a decentralized web of nodes. Mining (ASIC/GPU/CPU) supports the network.

On-chain is do-able![1]

"1. Applications Layer This is the top layer of DGB that most people utilize in everyday applications.

2. Digital Asset / Public Ledger Layer (Think Security) The digital asset layer is what incentivizes the security of the entire platform.

3. Core Communications Protocol / Global Network Layer This is the bottom layer of the DigiByte that supports all infrastructure."

Current transaction fees (mining fees) are 0.000297 DGB/Transaction, which currently equates to (*[3] (0.000297 X $0.010749 = $0.0000032) (Feb 27, 2019)... it costs 0.0000032 to pseudo-anonymously move a billion dollars overseas in less than a second using the DigiByte Blockchain.