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This is allexchanges DigiByte is available on, along with the trading pairs such as BTC, ETH, USDT and other fiat currencies.None of these exchanges are specifically endorsed, so always make sure you check out yourself if the exchange is trustworthy.

Thelatest DigiByte Core 7.17.2 walletis what all Exchanges should be using as of May 2019, as this included thesupport for Odocrypt on that went liveon Block 9,112,320.

Exchanges are encouraged to actively use bech32addresses where possible.

1 C-Patex - DGB/BTC Bitcoin, Altcoin
2 Godex - DGB/ALTCOIN Master Card, Visa, Bitcoin, Altcoin
3 PungoCash - EUR/GBP/USD Buy using debit/credit card and PayPal
4 SpendCard - DGB pairs -
5 Coinspot Australia DGB/AUD Local Bank Transfers
6 Cointree Australia DGB/AUD Gobbil, Bitcoin, Altcoin
7 Easy Crypto Australia Australia DGB/AUD Crypto Broker. You can use own wallet or create one (and own your keys)
8 Coin2001 Brazil DGB/BTC/BRL/COP Bitcoin, Altcoin, Credit/Debit
9 Abra California DGB/USD/ ALTCOIN  
10 AtomicDEX California DGB/ALTCOIN Bitcoin, Altcoin
11 Vertbase California, US DGB/USD/EURO/GBP US customers can now purchase DGB directly from their bank account. Identity verification required.
12 Meanxtrade Cambodia DGB/BTC Bitcoin, Altcoin
13 Coinfield Canada DGB/USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, XRP Buy DigiByte by transferring Altcoins and Fiat
14 Ezbtc Canada DGB/CAD and DGB/BTC Canadian exchange offering DGB pairs with Canadian dollars and Bitcoin
15 SafeTrade Canada DGB/BTC DGB/SAFE Transfer BTC and buy DGB
16 Lukki Exchange China BTC, ETH, USDT Exchange with a gaming element
17 Bitfinex China / Hong Kong DGB/BTC DGB/USD The largest and most advanced cryptocurrencies exchange.
18 Changelly Czech Rep. DGB/EUR/USD Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Altcoin
19 ChangeNow Czech Rep. DGB/ALTCOIN Visa, Mastercard, Indacoin, Bitcoin, Altcoin
20 Folgory Estonia BTC/EUR The first financial services with IBAN European Wallet to all users and way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in easy way.
21 Omoxie Estonia TBD Transfer BTC, USDT, USD and EUR and buy/trade.
22 Stex Estonia DGB/BTC/USDT -
23 Whitebit Exchange Estonia BTC/ETH/USDT Licensed cryptocurrency exchange with pro features and friendly support
24 Stakecube Germany DGB/BTC DGB/LTC. DGB/DASH. DGB/SCC The StakeCube Ecosystem Automated and community driven proof of stake pool, masternode service and exchange
25 Covesting Gibraltar DGB/BTC, DGB/ETH Transfer BTC and ETH and buy DigiByte. First ever listing made under the supervision of GFSC.
26 CoinEX Hong Kong DGB/BTC DGB/BCH DGB/USDT. Transfer BTC or BCH and purchase DGB.
27 Hubi Hong Kong DGB/BTC Transfer your USDT or DGB and trade in Hong Kong based Hubi exchange
28 ZGB Hong Kong DGB/BTC DGB/USDT DGB avaiable to trade on Transfer your BTC & USDT and buy DGB.
29 Stratum Hong Kong / Brazil DGB/BRL Bank Transfer Brazil or ATAR Pay
30 Bit-Z Hongkong DGB/BTC Bitcoin, Altcoin
31 Kucoin Hongkong DGB/BTC/ETH Bitcoin, Altcoin
32 OKEx Hongkong DGB/BTC/USDT/ETH Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Altcoin
33 Bitbns India DGB/INR Bank, Bitcoin, Altcoin
34 Buyucoin India DGB/BTC Bitcoin, Altcoin
35 Bitocto Indonesia DGB/IDR Bank Transfers, Bitcoin, Altcoin
36 OKEx Korea Korea DGB/BTC/USDT/ETH Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Altcoin
37 Livecoin Louisiana DGB/BTC/ETH/EUR/USD/RUR Payeer, Perfect Money, Capitalist, Advcash, Qiwi, Master Card, Yandex Money, Bitcoin, Altcoin
38 Luxembourg DGB Swap DGB with multiple crypto.
39 Raisex Exchange Malta DGB/BTC Transfer BTC and buy DGB.
40 Blocknet Melbourne DGB/ALTCOIN Bitcoin, Altcoin
41 Bitladon Netherlands DGB traded against 150 other currencies You can also buy DGB with fiat using iDeal, Bancontact, SEPA, Giropay, SOFORT and mybank
42 Bitotal Netherlands DGB/BTC Bitcoin, Altcoin
43 Bitvavo Netherlands EUR Bank Account
44 Bullex Netherlands ETH/EURT/BTC/USDT Exchange offering DGB trading in Q1 2019. Launch date TBD
45 Coinmerce Netherlands DGB/EUR Coinmerce is a Netherlands based exchange that offer EUR pairs.
46 Crex24 Netherlands DGB/BTC/EUR Bank cards, e-wallet, payment systems, Bitcoin, Altcoin
47 Eucx Netherlands EUR/DGB, USD/DGB, BTC/DGB Regulated EU exchange supporting DigiAssets
48 LiteBit Netherlands DGB/EUR Litebit credits, SEPA, SOFORT/ Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact, Mybank
49 Nlexch Netherlands DGB/BTC/BCH/LTC/DOGE/XRP/ETH Bitcoin, Altcoin
50 Easy Crypto New Zealand DGB/NZD Credit Card, Wire Transfer
51 BitPrime New Zealand DGB/NZD Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Altcoin
52 Extauri Pairs Extauri DGB (TBD)
53 Bitrue Singapore XRP -
54 DigiFinex Singapore DGB/USDT The digital asset exchange, DigiFinex, short for Digital Asset Financial Exchange is owned and operated by DigiFinex Limited. A DigiFinex exchange review reveals that the latter is a Seychelles company with headquarters in Singapore. Trusted by investors for over +180 countries all over the world.
55 Huobi Singapore DGB/BTC/ETH Bank Card, Paypal, Western Union, Bitcoin, Altcoin
56 Pionex Singapore DGB/BTC, DGB/ETH Pionex is the BitUniverse incubated centralized crypto exchange, and provides top liquidity by merging all other existing exchanges together, while also providing abundant Wall-Street-like Trading Tools for its users
57 Swapzone Singapore Multiple DGB pair swaps Swap exchange agregator
58 VCC Exchange Singapore DGB/BTC, DGB/USDT VCC Exchange is a Singapore-based digital asset exchange, backed by Signum Capital and Axiom Associates Capital, and connected to liquidity pool and security infrastructure of Bittrex
59 ArtisTurba South Africa DGB/ZAR DGB/BTC DGB/ETH Transfer ZAR, BTC, ETH, Altcoins
60 Cryptochange South Africa DGB/BTC Bitcoin, Altcoin
61 Bitinka South America DGB/USD DGB/EUR DGB/BTC DGB/USDT DGB/XRP Bitinka covers the whole of South America and large presence in Europe and Asia.
62 Cryptospots South Carolina USA BTC The exchange of - an interactive map of businesses that accept crypto, and Global asset hub for businesses that accept crypto, with navigation and augmented reality exploration.
63 Probit South Korea DGB/BTC DGB/KRW DGB/USDT Exchange based in South Korea. Transfer your BTC and trade DGB.
64 Upbit South Korea DGB/BTC/ETH/USDT Bitcoin, Altcoin
65 Dove Wallet South Korea / Seoul DGB/BTC, DGB/USDT, DGB/USDC, DGB/TUSD, DGB/PAX, DGB/ETH Dove Wallet aims to be the last wallet you'll ever use. Transfer, buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily!
66 NovaExchange Sweden DGB/BTC DGB/DOGE Transfer BTC or DOGE and buy DigiByte.
67 Shapeshift Swiss DGB/ALTCOIN Bitcoin, Altcoin
68 Lescovex Switzerland DGB/EUR/ETH/BTC BTC, Wire Transfer
69 Bitexlive Turkey DGB/BTC DGB/TRY Bitcoin, Altcoin
70 Bitfeks Turkey DGB/TRY Bank Transfer, Papara, Bitcoin, Altcoin
71 Butturk Turkey DGB/TRY Buy and Sell DigiByte with Turkish Lira
72 Sistemkoin Turkey DGB/TRY Bank Transfer, Epay
73 Swft Blockchain Turkey DGB/ALTCOIN Bitcoin, Altcoin
74 Vebitcoin Turkey DGB/TRY Bitcoin, Altcoin, Local Bank Transfer, Papara
75 Bitci Turkish TRY and BTC Payment methods through Bank and Papara
76 Bittylicious UK DGB/USD/EUR/GBP SEPA Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX
77 Changeangel UK DGB/BTC/LTC/POT/USDC/DOGE/DCR/GRS Wallet to Wallet, Crypto to Crypto, Non Custodial swap service. First to announce integration of AntumID/Digi-ID utilizing DigiByte Blockchain's login and signup technology, with community give back.
78 Hitbtc UK DGB/BTC/USDT/ETH/TUSD SEPA, SWIFT, Bitcoin, Altcoin
79 Indacoin UK DGB/USD/EUR/RUB/GBP Master Card, Visa, Bitcoin, Altcoin
80 Instaswap UK BTC/ETH/USDT Bitcoin, Altcoin
82 Tradebytrade UK DGB/BTC/USDT Bitcoin, Altcoin
83 Uphold UK DGB/USD Exchange with Android/iPhone app.
84 Voyager United States DGB/USD We believe that crypto assets are the future of finance and investing. Together, we are creating the broker that the crypto market deserves.
85 DynX Unknown BTC, DGB, Polis as base pairs Unique decentralized exchange built on the Bitshares platform.
86 Stealthex Unknown DGB pairs Swap exchange
87 SwapSpace Unknown multiple pairs with DGB. --
88 Cryptofacil Uruguay DGB with USD, USDT, BTC and ETH CryptoFacil is a South Amrican exchange offered in partnership with Bittrex exchange. Serving all Latam countries.
89 Bitmart USA DGB/BTC BitMart is a premier professional digital asset exchange platform, designed for both individuals and institutions.
90 i2Trading USA USD, EUR, GBP, YEN Large block over the counter(OTC) exchange with fiat pairings.
91 Bittrex Washington DGB/BTC/USD/USDT/ETH Bitcoin, Altcoin