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DGBAT(DigiByte Awareness and Outreach Team) funds its outreach and marketing activities through the DGBAT General Fund. It is the only fund used to receive donations from the DGB community. The DigiByte Blockchain never conducted an ICO and all those in DGBAT, the DigiByte Core and the Developer team work on a purely voluntary basis and are not rewarded financially from the fund. (In fact, we bear several out-of-pocket expenses on several projects without informing the community!)


What do we use the funds for?


  • Business outreach to introduce DigiByte solutions
  • Legal opinions
  • Strategic membership in blockchain alliances
  • Media production (e.g. YouTube videos)
  • PR and social media campaigns
  • Education and awareness campaigns



The DGBAT General Fund wallet is a multi-signature wallet, so there is no single point of failure. There is full transparency on the funds through DigiExplorer We publish a monthly newsletter detailing the fund’s balance, and any transactions that have taken place.

To donate, please scan the QR code or use the address shown on this page or use the address provided below. Please be careful, avoid scammers presenting alternative information via other sources. The DGBAT website is the only place that has the correct wallet address, always be sure to double check.

Don’t think donating works for you? You can support us by buying something you like through our affiliates here.


General fund wallet

Please send only DGB



Development fund wallet

Please send only DGB



Advertising fund wallet

Please send only DGB



We accept other crypto donations as well

Supported currencies 

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. Bitcoin GOld
  6. Blackcoin
  7. Decred
  8. Dogecoin
  9. Eth Classic
  10. Feathercoin
  11. Florin
  12. Groestlcoin
  13. Peercoin
  14. Potcoin
  15. Ravencoin
  16. Reddcoin
  17. Ubiq
  18. Viacoin

Please choose from below and donate in 18 other cryptocurrencies besides DigiByte.