DigiByte vs Bitcoin

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  • Security: 5 DigiByte mining algorithms vs. 1 Bitcoin mining algorithm. DigiByte mining is much more decentralized. DigiByte mining algorithms can be changed out in the future to prevent centralization.


  • Speed: DigiByte transactions occur much faster than Bitcoin transactions. 1-2 second transaction notifications. 15 second DigiByte blocks vs. 10 minute Bitcoin blocks. DigiByte has 6x block confirmations 1.5 minutes vs. 1 hour with Bitcoin.


  • Transaction Volume: DigiByte can handle many more transactions per second. Bitcoin can only handle 3-7 transactions per second. DigiByte currently can handle 560+ transactions per second. The 2015 DigiSpeed hardfork introduced changes that double the capacity of the network every two years.


  • Total Supply: More DigiBytes, lower price, more micro transactions, better price stability. 21 Billion DigiBytes will be created over 21 years. Only 21 Million Bitcoin will be created over 140 years. 1:1000 ratio. 1 DigiByte for every 1000 Bitcoin.


  • Flexibility: Ability to quickly add new features. DigiByte can add new features & upgrades much quicker than Bitcoin. Future DigiByte upgrades will push transaction limit to several hundred thousand per second.


  • Marketability & Usability: DigiByte is an easy brand to market to consumers. DigiBytes are much cheaper to acquire.