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DigiByte Core for PC / OSX / Linux Changelog

Core 7.17.2 Stable - 3rd May 2019

  • Final release with Odocrypt locked in for Block 9,100,000
  • Final Dandelion implementation


Core 7.17.1 Beta 6 (no binaries released) - April 28th 2019

  • Fixes for Dandelion: Verify existence of embargoed transactions in stempool
  • Set Odocrypt block to 9,100,000


Core 7.17.1 Beta 5 (no binaries released) - April 18th 2019

  • Dandelion segfault fixes


Core 7.17.1 Beta 4 (no binaries released) - April 16th 2019

  • Some RPC updates (removes duplicate data)
  • Skip version warning for overt AsicBoost mined blocks
  • GetDifficulty updated for Odocrypt


Core 7.17.1 Beta 3 (no binaries released) - April 3rd 2019

  • Testnet4 port now 12026
  • Testnet reset again to test DigiByte cutover for Odocrypt a second time
  • - Further times will be done on private testnet


Core 7.17.1 Beta 2 (no binaries released) - April 1st 2019

  • Some Dandelion segfault fixes
  • Fixes launch-flags so Dandelion enabled by default


Core 7.17.1 Beta 1 (no binaries released) - March 28th 2019

  • Initial release with Odocrypt supported (Tentatively planned for Block 9,000,000)
  • Merged Dandelion in to this, likely won't do a 6.17.3 release


Core 6.17.3 Beta (no binaries released) - March 15th 2019

  • Initial release with Dandelion support


Core 6.17.2 Stable - 28th February 2019

  • Reserve algo IDs for upcoming Odocrypt #162
  • Mine multiple algorithms on a single digibyted instance
  • Implemented all upstream improvements from Bitcoin Core 0.17 and 0.17.1
  • Blockchain pruning can now be set in the QT interface
  • Partial spend avoidance flag for privacy (optional)
  • Partially Signed Transaction support
  • Scan TX output support
  • Transaction indexing can be toggled on-the-fly
  • 32-bit architecture support removed due to the number of blocks in DigiByte blockchain. Support to be revisited in-future
  • On par with BTC as of tag v7.17.1, December 6th: bitcoin/bitcoin@ef70f9b

See BTC 0.17.0 Release notes

See BTC 0.17.1 Release notes

For a broader explanation of the improvements, see this Medium post

This upgrade is not specifically required for end-users, nor exchanges, although they are encouraged to remain on a recent release. The upgrade is mandatory for miners due to the preparation for potential future algo changes such as Odocrypt, even though the upgrade is not yet scheduled and no Odocrypt hashing code has been merged into 6.17.2

Core Stable - 22nd September 2018

  • Updates the wallet image to show 6.16.5
  • Fix a crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction
  • Fixes private key import from older DigiByte wallets
  • Fixed new client sync bug


Core 6.16.4 Stable - 27th August 2018

  • Fixes for RPC mining info response regression from 6.16.3, now works as expected
  • Really fixed issue with importing old private keys from 2014-era wallets

Core 6.16.3 Beta - 11th August 2018

  • Includes upstream improvements from the latest Bitcoin 0.16.2
  • Tweak the RPC command getblockchaininfo to display all five algos
  • Enables the option to generate newer format Bech32 / SegWit addresses from QT interface

Core 6.16.2 Stable - 27th March 2018

  • 5x sync performance increase (10,000 headers now vs 2,000)
  • Added additional dedicated seed nodes
  • Fix peer connectivity issues
  • Added 3x DigiByte GUI themes (White - Default, Black & Blue)
  • New address formats for P2SH "S", still supports legacy "3"
  • Add support for generating Bech32 addresses from config options ("dgb1")
  • Merged improvements from Bitcoin Core stable 0.15.0
  • Merged improvements from Bitcoin Core pre-release 0.16.0
  • Many changes to RPC too, see technical info for Exchanges