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DigiByte for Android Changelog

DigiByte for Android (Build 2546) - 5th September 2019

  • Rooted devices now permitted with LARGE warning of consequences
  • Some fixes for 500 errors on DigiAsset sendings (May not be all of them)
  • App-wide cleanup of unused resources, translation / string optimization (Several hundred redundant ones removed)

DigiByte for Android (Build 2543) - 3rd September 2019

  • Fixed outgoing DigiAsset name
  • Additional DigiAsset aggregation improvements
  • Fix for regression of DigiAssets not showing properly in, now resolved

DigiByte for Android (Build 2540) - 2nd September 2019

  • Import RX
  • Async functionality improvements
  • Consolidated all asset related loading, including metadata, into a merged observable pattern
  • Linkify asset descriptions
  • Main TransactionListAdapter is now Kotlin
  • Fixed 3x different "Android is not responding" conditions

DigiByte for Android (Build 2536) - 20th August 2019

  • Better aggregation of assets
  • More reliable displaying of information
  • Halved the number of API queries

DigiByte for Android (Build 2530) - 18th August 2019

  • Added 1 second delay on Tx-send confirmation, helps those with in-screen fingerprint readers
  • Better aggregation of the same type of DigiAsset
  • Sending a DigiAsset now uses the same type of send confirmation dialog as sending DigiByte

DigiByte for Android (Build 2528) - 15th August 2019

  • Assets with long descriptions now only show first 3 lines, tap to expand and collapse
  • No longer clear asset list when sending, only the UTXO associated with that asset. List reloads less
  • Blocking operation on metadata refreshing resolved
  • Prevent users sending assets to themselves
  • Improve scrolling on Asset list, prevents unintentional drawer closing

DigiByte for Android (Build 2527) - 12th August 2019

  • Fixed quickly pressing the Digi-ID button on login screen requiring multiple authentication attempts
  • Fixed crash condition pressing back while scanning QR to send a DigiAsset
  • Fixed DigiAsset metadata processing where it was not a whole unit
  • Fixed crash while using amount hidden mode when the device locale didn't produce a currency symbol
  • Fixed issue with extra large asset images

DigiByte for Android (Build 2526) - 3rd August 2019

  • Fixed issue where user had too many DGB affecting sending of DigiAssets
  • Additional logging where asset metadata fetch and asset sending fails
  • Check for null addresses, as well as trimming digibyte: or digibyte:// from pasted or scanned asset destinations
  • Optimize data usage
  • Internal variable handling fixes
  • Fixed asset types not showing in the DigiAssets drawer but still showing in main Tx-list
  • Trim certain whitespaces or newlines from pasted or QR scanned addresses
  • Add additional info to toast pop-up where things don't go according to plan
  • Further fixes from My First DigiAsset send-outs

DigiByte for Android (Build 2515) - 31st July 2019

  • Fixed crash on certain QR generation with a $DGB value

DigiByte for Android (Build 2514) - 30th July 2019

  • Moving DigiAssets animate (.gif) in the drawer
  • Fixed crash on phrase confirm with certain characters
  • Changed scientific notation on Asset Counts to show whole amount
  • Fixed showing assets with long amounts of decimal places
  • Fixed a few more minor crash instances affecting certain devices


DigiByte for Android (Build 2511) - 28th July 2019

  • Increase the reliability of PaperKeyProveActivity.
  • Fixed EditText input type such that the first character is not capitalized.
  • Fix a theme related crash issue.
  • Fix an OkHttp Android 4.4 version issue.
  • Fix a strange NPE related to finishAffinity.

DigiByte for Android (Build 2509) - 26th July 2019

  • Crashes when using CoinRequests should now be resolved
  • Hid CoinRequests dialog if the user hasn't yet entered an amount, it appears automatically when an amount is entered

DigiByte for Android (Build 2505) - 24th July 2019

  • Fiat symbol fixed when balances are hidden
  • Now shows people if they have no DigiAssets to avoid confusion

DigiByte for Android (Build 2504) - Odocrypt + DigiAssets update - 23rd July 2019

  • Odocrypt support (Requires users to re-sync one-time only)
  • Major changes to underlying SPV Core to support DigiAssets
  • Reoccurring payments feature
  • NOTE: Reoccurring payments will never send automatically, but will pop a notification that requires a user to confirm every time
  • Daily payments will begin occurring between from 2PM and 6PM the following day. Weekly will begin first day of next week, monthly from the first day of the next month.
  • Digi-ID animation on app load (At the PIN screen) so users know they can tap that to speed up Digi-ID process
  • Deep-linking address-sharing fixed and further optimized
  • DigiAssets is now available for sending / receiving!
  • Syncing now far more reliable, accurately shows progress. If syncing stalls it's now likely a DNS issue finding peers.
  • Independent sync indicator (WiFi icon) showing Disconnected, Connecting and Connected to a peer. This is independent from blockchain sync progress
  • Dandelion++ support when sending a transaction
  • 64-bit builds for supported devices
  • Removed copy / pasting of previously used addresses from transaction history for users safety
  • Major re-work transaction history lists
  • coinrequest.io sharing functionality
  • Fixed SMS sharing
  • Mnemonic restore no longer capitalizes the first character
  • Improved asynchronous loading of All / Received / Sent views for better performance
  • NFC now only active while the app is open, resolves users with a credit-card in their phone-case
  • Minimum Android API version 19, unfortunately unable to support Jellybean. Over 97% of all active Android devices still supported. Jellybean users can DigiSweep their funds if required.


Build 2407 - 5th March 2019

  • Removed surplus architecture support, such as x86 (Mostly just used for testing) in order to shrink the APK size, now only building v7a
  • Changed SVG compat to better support older devices such as Marshmallow / Lollipop etc where the DigiByte / Digi-ID / Plus icons weren't showing up


Build 2404 - 2nd March 2019

  • Added digiexplorer.info as a tertiary fallback server for when restoring a seed phrase
  • NFC is no longer a requirement, support for devices without an NFC chip (Such as Xiaomi Mi Max and some Nokia phones) resumed
  • Digi-ID only application use is now an option when loading the application for the first time