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DigiByte (DGB) is a decentralized global PoW UTXO blockchain (just like Bitcoin) with the focus on Cyber Security and is very suitable for facilitating fast and secure transactions. 

The DigiByte blockchain was developed in 2013 and released in January 2014 by Jared Tate (Creator & Founder of DigiByte) with an open-source protocol.
DGB is the Digital Asset/ Cryptocurrency and is being mined over time (21 Billion over 21 years 2014-2035 with a 1000:1 ratio to BTC) with a max supply of 21Billion in 2035. 

Although based on Bitcoin, adjustments in the code allow for improved functionality, including 15-second block time, real-time difficulty adjustment and improved security.
The DigiByte blockchain has 5 different ways of confirming transactions, this makes DigiByte one of the safest networks, with a zero chance of a 51% attack (a take-over of the majority of all the mining power).

The security of the network and its incredible speed (40 x faster than Bitcoin) makes DigiByte very suitable for performing safe and fast transactions.
As of July 20th 2019 DigiByte has a total market cap of over US $140 million, but has reached a peak of $1.3B in the past. It is the world's longest, fastest and most secure PoW (Proof of Work) UTXO(Unspent transaction output) blockchain in existence.

Legal Disclaimer | Privacy Policy  © Copyright DigiByte 2013 - 2019. All Rights Reserved. Released under the MIT license.

DigiByte Technical Specifications

Launch Date:

January 10th, 2014

Genesis Block Hash:

"USA Today: 10/Jan/2014, Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers"

Blockchain Type:

PublicDecentralizedUTXO PoW basedMulti-Algorithm

Ticker Symbol:


Current Supply:

12,074,749,440 DGB (July 2019)

Max Total Supply:

21 Billion DigiBytes in 21 Years (2014 - 2035)

Current Block Reward:

658.21123431 DGB (July 2019)

Block Reward Reduction:

1% Monthly

Multi Mining Algorithms:

SHA256ScryptOdocryptSkein & Qubit

Block Timing:

15 Second Blocks, (75 seconds per Algo)

Algo Block Share:

20% Block Share per Algo (5)

Difficulty Retarget:

Every 1 Block, 5 Separate Difficulties, 1 For each Mining Algo

Address formats:

"D" prefixed Legacy, "S" prefixed p2sh MultiSig/SegWit, "dgb1" prefixed bech32 native SegWit

SegWit Support:

Yes. First major Altcoin to successfully activate SegWit. (April 2017)

5x Hardforks:

DigiShieldMultiAlgoMultiShieldDigiSpeed & Odocrypt

4x Softforks:

SegWit, CSV, NVersionBits & Dandelion++  

You can Contribute Today

Start contributing to DigiByte core development today or begin building your own application on top of the DigiByte blockchain. Everyone working on DigiByte is a volunteer. 

Current version: v7.17.2(Current Version of the DigiByte Blockchain)

DigiByte Protocol GitHub(DigiByte Blockchain code only)

DigiByte Core GitHub(DigiByte Core projects & repositories)

DigiByte Official Developers Telegram 🛠 (Communicate with other DigiByte developers)

DigiByte Media Kit GitHub(Logos, Icons & More)

DigiByte Integration Guide(List DigiByte, DGB)


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